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OpenScape Business


Communications made easy

  • OpenScape Business offers flexible and scalable deployment models - from standalone to multi-site small and medium-sized businesses.
  • It takes all the ways your people communicate - email, phone, chat, messaging, video conferencing, web collaboration and more - and integrates them into a single place.

Work better

  • Integrates seamlessly with your business apps and enables you to work from wherever you want on any device.

Easy to deploy 

  • OpenScape Business comes pre-configured with basic UC out of the box and is simple to deploy. 
  • Easy to install in the cloud or on premise, it works with what you have and scales easily.

Peace of mind

  • State-of-the-art security, reliability, redundancy and automated failover recovery.
  • Software updates - 24/7 support - Secure remote service - Dedicated support teams.

The value of OpenScape Business

Helps companies serve customers and employees even better, by speeding up communications to resolve customer issues, enhancing team collaboration to improve decision making, and injecting mobility so being out of the office doesn‘t mean being out of touch.

Boosts employee productivity and helps get more done, by enabling access to powerful communications applications, from one click conferencing to social collaboration tools, in the office, on the road or at home.

Delivers independent mobility and collaboration from anywhere, by facilitating effective and secure communication between multiple sites and remote workers regardless of device, location or network.

Maximizes limited budgets and reduces high operational costs, by offering the flexibility of an on-premise or virtualized service that’s deployed on top of existing infrastructure, doesn’t require additional hardware and can easily scale from voice to UC, via a smart deployment model. Its UC features reduce travel expenses and eliminate third party conferencing costs.

A Unique Solution for your Business

  • Delivering extended voice and UC functionality in one box
  • Flexible deployment models for any kind of infrastructure, appliance, or pure SW based, – available as on-premise, hosted, cloud based or combined solution
  • Permanent (CAPEX) or subscription based (OPEX) usage models give customers full flexibility to adjust communication needs
  • Superior ownership experience with no rip and replace required when deploying UC functionality or scaling to support more users
  • Enterprise-quality, cost saving Voice over IP (VoIP) on existing networks
  • The easiest and most affordable path from voice to Unified Communications
  • UC available on major mobile platforms; supporting Android, iOS, Windows and even more mobile operating systems
  • Seamless, simple support through web-based management tools

OpenScape Desk Phone family

Intuitive, space-efficient and gigabit to the desk. The ergonomic OpenScape Desk Phone IP family delivers a user-friendly, cost-effective and feature-rich communications experience. 

Simple deployment, crystal-clear HD audio and gigabit Ethernet let users enjoy productive communications with best-in-class value.

With our OpenScape Desk Phone CP family we’ve added numerous interoperability options to bring more than just voice to your desk top device. NFC, Bluetooth and Circuit conversation integration makes your desk phone a new communication point … it’s a phone and so much more.

SIP telephony 

SIP telephones use the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) to communicate with all the components in the network. Integration into the open, Internet based structureof SIP means access to performance improving business applications, and implementing new features is quick and simple.

Thanks to the SIP standard,all SIP telephones support a wide varietyof SIP communication systems and cangive the demanding user access tobusiness applications.

HiPath Feature Access

The HFA (CorNet-IP) operating mode combines the advantage of an IP based workpoint with the comprehensive feature set of an OpenScape communication platform. HFA workpoints are connected to theLAN by common Ethernet wires (if no PoE: additional power supply required), which is connected to a PBX by a gateway.

By changing the telephone software a change-over from HFA to SIP is possible.

TDM telephony

Traditional Time Division Multiplexing (TDM) phones are targeted towards customers who wish to keep their current telephony solution, but want a high level of functionality and style.

Unlock the power of mobility—wherever your team needs to be

You spend a lot of your time elsewhere in the company and you simply must be reachable at all times.

Unify offers market leading DECT and WLAN mobile handsets that expand mobile communication at the workplace and anywhere on campus mobility.

Give employees the freedom to communicate effectively from anywhere in the workplace.

More than just an attractive phone – wirelessphones from Unify deliver the benefits of mobility, reliability, safety, higher productivity, improved customer service, and better communications anywhere, at any time.

Devices for wireless communications

Thereare two different technological approaches for a wireless communication solution.

Depending on your needs and requirements, we recommend either DECT or WLAN asyour solution:


With no requirements for mobile data transmission, our professional DECT phones are the cost-effective optimum solution.

Traditional TDM DECT as well as IP DECT infrastructures are supported.

Specially equipped versions for industrial environments are also available.


To benefit from the cost savings and simplifiedmanagement of a convergent voice and data network, our WLAN professional phonesoffer a perfect match.




Circuit – your digital workplace in the Cloud

Collaboration everywhere

Circuit adds simple to use, powerful team collaboration capabilities on top of your existing communications and business apps.

Take a call

Circuit runs on top of any SIP telephony infrastructure, with users able to take a call, make a call and management voicemail through its inbuilt telephony connector.

Use any drive

Circuit integrates with Box, Google Drive and more. Simplify sharing and extend the value of your existing systems. 

Use any device

Enjoy the same experience from any device. Access your conversations, communities, and documents online wherever you are.

Create a conference room

Turn any space into an instant HD conferencing room with the powerful, easy to use Circuit Meeting Room solution. 

One tool with one view

Circuit is one app. One virtual meeting space with all the capabilities you need to communicate with your teams.

Natural user experience

Use voice, video, or chat. Circuit’s simplicity lets you collaborate as naturally when you’re apart as when you’re together. 

Powerful and contextual search

With Circuit, all content is easy to find. Search and filter by search terms and people and find what you need in seconds. 

Stay in control

Stop sharing confidential data on public social networks, using file transfer sites, or paying for audio and video conference calls.

Social collaboration

Create online communities and promote cooperation, interaction, opinion and ideas sharing.

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