About us

Romservice Telecommunications (RST) is a Romanian company providing B2B solutions and services. Existing on the telecoms business market since 1992, RST has gained experience in the telecommunications issues faced by a company, proving creativity, acquiring skills, assuming responsibilities and becoming a major provider of telecom solutions in Romania. Our portfolio has continuously strengthened both in terms of the number and scope of customers and the complexity of the implemented solutions.

Romservice Telecommunications has, as its main objectives, the development of complete telecommunication solutions and the provision of services in the field, which ensure the long-term investment protection. Our solutions, specially designed to meet your needs, combine the advantages of IP-based communications with the reliability and performance of circuit-based communications systems. The domains of Romservice Telecommunications are directly related to the current communication and security needs of any company: telecommunication (UNIFY / SIEMENS telephone exchanges), voice and data networks, structured cabling, VPN, alarm systems, video surveillance and access control.

Companies are demanding communications solutions that integrate perfectly into the technological process of their business and add new valences. We also offer solutions to fund the acquisition of these solutions through our equipment rental service.

Client Portfolio

Public Segment

  • Hospitals
  • Ministries
  • Embassies

Business Segment

  • Telecom
  • Banking, Finance
  • Real Estate
  • Production
  • Commerce
  • Hospitality
  • Media


Since 2002, Romservice Telecommunications has got a quality management system which is implemented and certified according to the ISO 9001: 2000 standard. The continuous improvement of the quality of our products and services is an important element in our business policy. Romservice Telecommunications has the necessary infrastructure and facilities for the smooth running of all the contracts it involves. The high quality and reliability of the equipment and the services provided, the specialized technical assistance, the experience and the professionalism of our team represent the business card of our company.


Romservice Telecommunications is a solution integrator combining a wide range of products that make up the company's portfolio, to build turnkey solutions tailored to the needs of each customer.

Portofolio services

Financial: rental of equipment, rate sale without the redemption of a financial company or a bank

Logistics: storage, order consolidation, shipping, delivery

Technique: implementation, maintenance, dispatcher

Consultancy: pre and post sale, infrastructure optimization, business process automation

Outsourcing: IT & C Services, Authorized Periodic Reviews, Testing and Certification, Conference as Service, Managed Services

Comercializare și servicii pentru următorii producători:

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